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Contract Review. Attorney Scott Herron will review your contracts and provide written feedback, explain terms, suggest changes, identify potential concerns, and provide negotiating suggestions.

$50 / Page ($150 minimum).

Independent Contractor Agreement. If your business employs independent contractors, then you need an Independent Contractor Agreement. This agreement will clear up any possible confusion over employment status (e.g. employee v. contractor), tax requirements, unemployment, payments, deadlines, termination, dispute resolution, and so on. An Independent Contractor Agreement can save you lots of grieve, protect you from liability, and may even help you avoid court.


Professional Services Agreements. If you are in a professional service business and provide services or project work such as training, consulting, software development, coaching, graphic design, web design, auditing, digital marketing, social media marketing you need a Professional Services Agreement. A Professional Service Agreement will help you look professional and organized. It will also help ensure that you get paid for the work that you perform.


Master Service Agreement. Businesses commonly use a Master Service Agreement for repeat arrangements for services or projects. Using a Master Service Agreement reduces the amount of time and expense otherwise involved in negotiating a completely new agreement every time because the Master Service Agreement separates the legal terms and conditions from the statement of work. The Master Service Agreement gives you a re-usable common framework so you can focus on the business aspects of a new deal. That common framework can include elements such as payment terms, insurance requirements, ownership of finished product (if applicable), choice of law, alternative dispute resolution, distribution of risk, and other common contract clauses.


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