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A legal plan is tailored to your particular needs and put into writing. Best of all, you get a fixed fee for the legal services customized to your needs.

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The legal work formally ends once the requirements of the legal services plan are completed.

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Summit Legal Solutions, LLC:
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Offering Fixed Fee Pricing for Limited Scope Services

Fixed-fee legal services refer to a pricing model in which clients are charged a predetermined and agreed-upon fee for a specific legal service or package of services. Unlike traditional hourly billing models, where clients are charged based on the amount of time their attorney spends on their case, fixed-fee arrangements offer clients a clear and predictable cost structure, with no surprises or hidden fees.

Fixed-fee legal services can be especially beneficial for clients who have limited budgets or who are looking to control their legal expenses. They can also be useful for clients who are seeking a more straightforward and efficient legal process, without the uncertainty and unpredictability of traditional hourly billing models.

Limited scope legal representation, also known as "unbundled" or "à la carte" legal services, refers to a type of legal representation in which a client hires an attorney to provide only specific, limited services, rather than full representation in a legal matter.

With limited scope representation, the attorney and client agree on the specific services to be provided, such as business formation, document preparation, legal advice and consultation, or contract review. The client then performs certain tasks, such as appearing in court, on their own.

Remote Legal Help

With Summit Legal Solutions, you can meet with an attorney from your arm chair, lawn chair, beach chair, kitchen table, home office, den, living room, RV, or campsite. As long as you can make a phone call and use E-Mail, video, text, or the internet we can work together. An office visit is rarely required.

With Summit Legal Solutions, you get a technology driven, remote online law firm that brings the law "office" to you.
This is like the 21st century version of a house call. You get all the benefits of a traditional, licensed attorney plus some.

A modern law firm means less hassle for you and saves you time. No driving. No taking time off of work. No waiting rooms. No downtown parking. Just a direct connection with an attorney.

Safe. Convenient. Flexible. Private.


Providing Business Formation, Contracts, Technology Law, and Wills & Trusts throughout Tennessee--from Memphis to Mountain City--using today's technology to deliver fixed-fee legal services tailored to your needs.

Local face-to-face meetings possible by appointment in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Trademark and Copyright Services available nationwide.
(Don) Scott Herron, Esq., JD, MBA
Attorney & Counselor at Law

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