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So, you have a terrific product or service and a fantastic brand name, logo, or tagline. Way to go!

A registered Trademark will help protect your intellectual property in logos, slogans, words, phrases, symbols, packaging, and even colors.

A trademark is a unique symbol, word, or phrase used to identify and distinguish a company's products or services from those of other companies. Registering a trademark with the appropriate government agency can provide several benefits, including:

Exclusive use: A trademark registration gives the owner the exclusive right to use the mark in connection with the products or services covered by the registration. This helps prevent others from using a similar mark that may cause confusion among consumers.

Legal protection: A registered trademark provides legal protection against others who may try to use or infringe on the mark. If someone uses a mark that is similar to a registered trademark and is likely to cause confusion among consumers, the owner of the registered trademark may be able to take legal action to prevent the infringing use.

Brand recognition: A trademark can help build brand recognition and loyalty among consumers. When consumers see a trademark, they may associate it with a particular company or product and be more likely to choose that product over others.

Asset value: A trademark can be a valuable asset for a company. It can be licensed or sold, generating income for the owner. In some cases, a trademark may also have significant value on a company's balance sheet.

Overall, a trademark can be a valuable tool for businesses seeking to protect their brand and build recognition and value among consumers

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Trademark Law Pricing
NOTE: Prices below do not include USPTO Fees
Preliminary Trademark Evaluation / Trademark Strategy Session. Before moving forward with your Trademark application, a preliminary evaluation and strategy session can help improve your chances of successful registration. Sometimes this session is required before proceeding to a clearance search and filing an application depending on where you are with your business and branding.

$200 (Trademark Session)
$300 (Trademark & Business Formation Session)

The Preliminary Trademark Evaluation / Trademark Strategy Session fee can be applied towards a "Search and File."
Clearance Search. Before filing for your trademark, you need to make sure that you can register your trademark. Clearing a brand for trademark registration can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. A comprehensive trademark search looks for others using the same or similar mark. A thorough search involves not only searching the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) but also searching for unregistered marks using both human and computational processes.

$749 (Per mark, per class)

Search and File. With this service, we do a comprehensive search and file your application. Response to Office Actions from the USPTO examining attorney handled separately.

$1400 (Per mark, per class).
Office Action Response. Trademark applications frequently result in an office action (rejection) that may require a timely response to overcome the reason(s) for the rejection. If you receive an Office Action, we can help with the response to improve your chances.

$499 (Per mark, per class).

Trademark Monitoring. Once you secure your trademark, it makes sense to protect it by monitoring potential infringement by others. This involves regular monitoring similar to the original clearance search and regular reports of any possible issues.

$200 (monthly per mark).

Full Service Package. Save $500 by using our Full Service Package which includes Search and File and one year of Trademark Monitoring.

$3300 (Per mark, per class).

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